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The owners of Houston Liquidation LLC. have operated in the equipment, tool, machinery, parts, and technology re-marketing business since 2003. For over seven years, Houston Liquidation LLC. has built the infrastructure, processes, and industry affiliations need to access the vast asset marketplace for our clients. Houston Liquidation LLC. offers our clients a complete end-to-end project management solution including access to the largest asset market available, a real-time asset tracking program, post-sale clean-up, and detailed financial history for each completed asset sale.

Companies are often faced with the daunting task of upsizing, downsizing, relocating, renovating, and sometimes closing. With an expert understanding of the rapidly changing dynamics of the asset marketplace, Houston Liquidator LLC. has developed a process to efficiently and cost-effectively determine the value of your assets, plan a strategy that meets your needs, and manage your project. The Houston Liquidation LLC. process consistently results in the highest net return for your assets, while requiring no investment of time or costly resources by our clients.

Houston Liquidation LLC. has a vast knowledge of all business assets including heavy construction equipment, IT resources, restaurant equipment, furniture, home construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, and real estate. Our infrastructure also includes professional consultants in North and South America. This enables Houston Liquidation LLC. to accurately value each asset and sell a wide variety of products globally.
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